eu representation for data controllers and processors



Our clients respect their data protection obligations.
We represent data controllers and processors that have demonstrated a commitment to protecting the personal data of EU data subjects by fulfilling their obligation to appoint an EU representative per Article 27 of the GDPR.

We are accountable to all stakeholders.
We protect our clients by anchoring our certificates to public blockchains using the Chainpoint protocol. In doing so, we prevent fraudulent claims of representation and enable national data protection authorities to definitively verify the compliance of enterprises represented by Global Data Protection.

You have rights to your personal data.
If you are an EU data subject, foreign entities that offer you goods or services, or monitor your behavior are required to inform you of their EU representative. If you believe that a controller or processor has violated your rights under the GDPR, you have the right to file a complaint with your national data protection authority. You can obtain a list of these authorities and their contact information from the European Data Protection Board. Additionally, the EU-US Privacy Shield, designed by the European Commission and the US Department of Commerce, provides a framework to exercise data protection rights with US-based entities through the ability to file a complaint with the United States Federal Trade Commission.